COVID-19 Safety During Halloween - A Message from the Mayor

Dear Residents:

I thought it prudent to discuss Halloween next Saturday.  The Council will of course not cancel Halloween, but we hope that parents / guardians and children will continue to follow our provincial protocols including self-distancing and wearing a mask – be it a scary one or just a regular mask!

Some people have innovative ideas of how they will be shelling out goodies for the trick or treaters, one of which is placing a table outside the door and putting the bags of treats there in individual bags. This would be preferable than having a huge container filled with goodies that the children dip into and grab the treats.  Placing the treats on the table would encourage the children to take one treat safely and encourages self-distancing for you as well.

Another idea would be to have a grabber/pick up tool that the homeowner can use to put the treats into the child’s bag.

On behalf of the Town of Cochrane and the Councillors, I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween.  Have fun kids!!

As always stay safe and strong!

Denis Clement,
Mayor – Town of Cochrane