As summer ends and we enter a new season Council has been working hard at building a community today that future generations will be proud of. It all starts with the little things that are low risk and high return on our investment.  This is why you have seen our workforce out over the past months fixing sidewalks, lowering catch basins, and putting calcium down on rural roads.

We have spent a considerable time this year working in our rural areas.  Brush cutting, ditching, road repairs, bridge improvements and calcium application will continue in our rural areas as we continue to invest in providing quality infrastructure to our rural residents.  We are also making improvements to our landfill to enhance its life cycle and to protect the environment.  Our recycling program is back to full operation and we ask the public to continue to recycle their household waste.

Our efforts have been largely focused on investing in our core infrastructure.  This means small investments in areas where they will have a significant impact on the daily lives of our residents. With limited money we must as a community invest wisely and focus our efforts where they are needed most.  Modest improvements such as street furniture in our downtown add to the vibrancy that we want to see return to our commercial sector.

Of course, all of our plans we deeply affected by the impact that COVID-19 has had on our community.  Council worked hard keeping the community safe while trying to support local business and residents through tax deferment, zero % budget increase for 2020 and a host of social service support we provided to our community partners.  As we move ahead into the fall, we know that COVID will continue to have an impact on how we conduct business.  Council and I remain committed to keep our community safe and will continue to stay proactive in taking measures to assist you in your daily life.

As we begin to look towards a new year Council has begun the annual budget.  This is one of the primary roles of Council where we establish our budget and the tax rate to support all of the things we need to look after.  We will continue to balance the needs of our residents while looking to continue to make incremental low-cost high impact investments. We are making progress in reducing our debt and putting money into reserves so its there when we need it.

Council and I will be turning our attention to reviewing our strategic plan and will be updating and revising it for the new year. We would encourage all residents to contact members of Council to provide their input into areas that you feel need to be addressed. We are planning on developing a comprehensive community consultation project in the coming months to reach out to all sectors of our community asking “what would make Cochrane go from good to great” and we look forward to hearing from all residents of our community.

None of this happens without you. We thank you for your strength in uncertain time and we thank all of you that kept Cochrane running.  To all our front line works in retail, medical and essential service providers Council and I thank you for your commitment in keeping Cochrane resilient.

As Council turns its attention to 2021, we see nothing but opportunities. To help us achieve our vision we need your help as well.  Council and I would like to thank all of the volunteers that contribute so much to the quality of life we all enjoy, and for keeping us safe in uncertain times, we couldn’t do it without you.  Thank you.

Mayor Denis Clement

To obtain further information, please contact the Municipal Office at (705) 272-4361.

Afin d’obtenir de l’information en français, veuillez communiquer au (705) 272-4361.