MARCH 26, 2020

I wanted to take a few moments to provide the community with an update on our actions to prevent the spread of COVID 19:

  1. Under the leadership of our Fire Chief we have been conducting daily EOC meetings.  This has allowed us to coordinate our efforts with various agencies such as the PHU, OPP, Hospital, Mental Health professions etc.  These have been very helpful in identifying the various issues in the community and how the various agencies are responding.  Chief Valle has done an outstanding job keeping us all organized on that front!
  2. Our Public Works department remains fully operational.  All precautions are in place to protect essential staff in order to protect our water supply and other essential services. Garbage and recycling pickup remain unchanged along with all other key functions.
  3. Daycare/Recreation Staff:  We are unclear about the provincial announcement about reopening daycare for essential services but will wait for the province to give direction on how they are going to proceed. We are ready to provide essential support to front line workers who need childcare if called upon to do so.
  4. Corporate Services remain open to help the public with any needs they may have. Any member of the public that has questions regarding municipal services please call Town Hall and we will be happy to assist.
  5. Our economic development staff continue to support local business. The Town has put together a resource package for small business which can be accessed on the Town’s web site.
  6. CTS/Wires are completely operational and have taken all required precautions when dealing with service calls and interaction with the public.
  7. PBH: The bears are healthy and well cared for, although the facility remains closed to the public until further notice.

I would like to thank all our dedicated public servants for their work and going above and beyond to keep our town running.

To all our residents we know that these are troubling and anxious times for you and your families. We ask you to continue to play your part in keep our community safe by staying home and practicing social distancing. Parents, please keep you children home including our teens. Avoid playdates, birthday parties and just hanging out even if it is only a small group, wash your hands regularly and stay vigilant in preventing the spread of this virus.

Council and I remain committed to your safety and wellbeing. We are also concerned about our economy and the impacts this event is having on the pocketbook of our residents. Therefore my colleagues and I have convened this special meeting to consider some small actions to help you through these difficult times.

We are a strong and united community and we must remain optimistic for the future and this too shall pass. In the meantime, keep your self and your family safe, don’t panic and reach out for help if you need it.