2020 Recycling Notice

To the Attention of Cochrane Residents and Business Owners:

The Town of Cochrane has been experiencing significant amounts of contamination in the recycling. Most of the contamination are items that have never been recyclable in the Town of Cochrane. Our staff have taken some pictures of things we have been finding in the recycling. Items such as wood pallets, chemical containers (DEF fluid, aerosol chemicals, antifreeze jugs), glass, plastic film, food, diapers, pails (including oil pails), hydraulic hoses, garbage (food waste, food in containers), clothing, and black garbage bags are some of the non-recyclable materials found in one load.

Did You Know? Contaminating your recycling bin is a Provincial Offence and the penalty is a $250.00 charge. The Town of Cochrane will be conducting audits of recycling bins and will strictly enforce the by-law.

Remember: Wash all food residue out of containers, throw glass materials in the garbage, and when in doubt, throw it out. Contamination in a load of recycling costs the Town (Taxpayers) money and may cause the load to be shipped to landfill instead of producing a recycled product. Also, place you bins two (2) feet apart in a suitable location (on roadside) for the waste and recycling truck to pick it up.

If you find a bright red tag on your bin, it could have been a result of contamination or the bins were improperly placed.

Please call Infrastructure Services for more information if you have questions about recycling materials.