RFQ - Community Flowers

This Request for Quotations (the “RFQ”) by the Corporation of the Town of Cochrane (the “Town”) invites quotations from qualified Bidders (the “Bidded’) for the supply and planting of our Community Flowers for 2022.

The Town invites proposals for flowerbed designs, flower and plant supplies that are vibrant within the colour scheme, plentiful, and ecstatically pleasing. Proposals shall include bed designs, example in Appendix B, with a list of flowers for each flower bed. Proposals must be approved by the Town of Cochrane prior to planting.

To contact the Town or ask questions in relation to this RFQ, Bidders may reach out to:.

The “RFQ Contact” for this procurement process will be:

Jason Douma
Operations Supervisor
Phone: (705) 272-5084, ext. 32

Bidders and their representatives are not permitted to contact any employees, officers, agents, elected or appointed officials or other representatives of the Town, other than the RFQ Contact, concerning matters regarding this RFQ. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in the disqualification of the Bidder and rejection of the Bidder’s proposals.

Read the Full RFQ Document here for full details:
RFQ CS-22-01 – Community Flowers