A friendly reminder that the regular pick up for waste and recycling starts at 7 a.m. Pick up time may vary every week due to volumes of waste and recycling or mechanical issues, we are advising residents to put out their bins as early are possible to ensure that their waste and recycling is picked up during the day. We would like to remind you that the operators are on a route system not a fixed schedule. Infrastructure Services staff will also be doing an inspection of the waste and recycling in the upcoming weeks to ensure quality control. Please make sure that what you are throwing out is acceptable and that the recycled items are cleaned if not your recycling bin may not be picked up.

If you are unsure what is recyclable or need further information, do not hesitate to contact Infrastructure Services for more information.

Contact information (705) 272-5086 or e-mail:

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Afin d’obtenir de l’information en français, veuillez communiquer au 705-272-5086.