It’s with warmest regards and unbridled enthusiasm that we welcome everyone to the town that’s wonderfully unexpected. Beautiful Cochrane Ontario, Canada.


A special welcome to new and current residents! This section will allow you to learn about and stay up-to-date with day to day living in our wonderfully unexpected Northern Ontario town. As the years go by, our growing community continues to change. Our goal is to keep you posted with the latest and most relevant of information.


If you are new here, welcome! We are pleased that you chose our community. We want to make your home with us comfortable and enjoyable. In this section of the website you will find everything you need to know about living in Cochrane. It’s also a great place for current residents simply looking for community tips.


Cochrane offers educational programs for everyone who wants to learn in our community. The Town of Cochrane promotes education in training because it realizes the importance of having a trained workforce and available education programs for its residential families.


The Town of Cochrane promotes an active style of living and is proactive in providing many recreational activities that allow our residents to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. Our summers are filled with activity for the whole family. Centrally located, the town’s beautiful, spring-fed Lake Commando is refuge from the hot July sun. Winters offer up some of the finest Northern Ontario traditions, like snowmobiling, ice fishing, pond and recreational ice hockey. A four season destination of wonderfully unexpected adventure.


Our diverse economic landscape is like nothing you can find in Northern Ontario. Unlike other nearby communities, we are well diversified and offer opportunities in all sectors. From mining, forestry, and agriculture, to hospitality, tourism, and retail.


Do you have an innovative business idea? Are you new to town and brought your business along with you with nowhere to put it? Do you want to be your own boss? Cochrane is open for business and welcomes you.


Looking to expand or relocate your business? Whether you need more space, an extension of resources, an entirely new location, the Town of Cochrane Economic Development team can help you achieve your longer term business goals.


Over the last ten years, Cochrane has seen increasing levels of employment, income, and investment in key sectors of our community, including mining, forestry and agriculture. Economically speaking, Cochrane is currently in a booming cycle, and although it is not immune to the boom bust cycles, Cochrane has been able to sustain itself economically during bust cycles, which occurred prior to 2006, due to its diversified economy.


The Town of Cochrane has an Economic Development department that can provide advice and assistance in the areas of tourism, economic development, business development, and grants acquisition. The department can assist you and your business or community organization through workshops, referrals to business and community development information from local and provincial level, and well as one-on-one discussions and educational materials.


Cochrane describes itself as a town with the amenities of 21st century life and the wide-open possibilities of the unexplored frontier. There are hundreds of kilometres of snowmobile trails, countless lakes, and rugged wilderness just waiting for you. The people of Cochrane think that you’ll find their town wonderfully unexpected.


Recognized as a top tourist destination, explore things to do in Cochrane, Ontario. Ongoing activities such as the Polar Bear Habitat and the Polar Bear Express, as well as the one of a kind hunting and fishing opportunities, are just a few of the things that makes Cochrane so wonderfully unexpected.


Known for it’s proportionally high capacity for accommodation in the region, our town has upwards of 240 rooms spread over almost a dozen quality establishments. Discover great hotels, convenient motels, and cozy bed and breakfasts, all within the downtown and its surrounding core.


The eating and dining options in Cochrane offer a variety of cuisine, with fast and friendly service. From sit down service to dine-out preferences, support local or visit a popular fast food chain, and enjoy a meal at one of our finest established restaurants.


The Town of Cochrane offers a variety of services to its residents. We deliver these services through five sector departments within our town hall building. Town Hall is the first place where residents can become informed of provided services. This section of the website offers insight for those who need immediate access to information.


Residents of the Town of Cochrane elect its Mayor & Council every four years. The town’s current council was elected in 2014. Every council runs a four-year term. The next election will occur in the Fall of 2018. Council meets bi-weekly on Tuesday evenings, starting at 6pm in Council Chambers at the Town Hall.


The Town of Cochrane is a place that prides itself on making residents, visitors and investors alike feel as though they are a part of the fabric of the community. The town offers a strong and diverse set of community services within all four-seasons.


The Corporate Services department is responsible for providing financial reporting, policies and procedures, services and support to other town departments and external entities in order to ensure the town’s operations are effectively managed.


The Town of Cochrane is a place that prides itself on making residents, visitors and investors alike feel as though they are a part of the fabric of the community. The town offers a strong and diverse set of community services within all four seasons.


The Clerk is the official document and record keeper for the municipality and is responsible for maintaining all records according to a record retention schedule. As a result, the Clerk is the main point of contact for many different municipal records services.


The Infrastructure Services department oversees all activities that occur within the many infrastructure divisions. Infrastructure services also maintains all of the municipally owned vehicles and equipment.


The Provincial Offences Act (POA) is a procedural statute that prescribed the manner in which offences, including those created under municipal by-laws, are to be administered and prosecuted. In essence, all POA contraventions are dealt with through the issuance of a ticket. The POA prescribes the manner of serving notice of an offence to a defendant, payment periods, method of conducting the trials, sentencing and appeals. The ministry of the Attorney General is responsible for the administration of this legislation.


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