Residents of the Town of Cochrane elect its Mayor & Council every four years. The town’s current council was elected in 2018. Every council runs a four-year term. The next election will occur in the Fall of 2022. Council meets bi-weekly on Tuesday evenings, starting at 6pm in Council Chambers at the Town Hall.


The Ombudsman of Ontario is an Officer of the Provincial Legislature who is independent of government and political parties. The Ombudsman’s job is to ensure government accountability through effective oversight of the administration of government services. The Ombudsman is appointed for a five-year renewable term and his powers and authorities are contained in legislation under the Ombudsman Act.


To invite the Mayor to your function, please use the request form on the right to send us a detailed description about the special event. Special events may include, but are not limited to the following:

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You may also contact Mayor Clement by email or call at (705) 272-4361 ext. 231.

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Mayors of Cochrane


Since the town’s inception back in 1911, there have been a total of 32 Mayors who have serve the people of Cochrane. Below is a descending timeline that displays the years in which they served in office.

Denis Clement

December 2018 – Current

Peter Politis

December 2010 – November 2018

Laurence S. Martin

December 2003 – November 2010

Donald V. Génier

December 1997 – November 2003

David S. Hughes

December 1988 – November 1997

R. Roy Mitchell

December 1985 – November 1988

Raymond Fortier

December 1980 – December 1985

Maurice Hotte

January 1968 – November 1980

Courtney V. Sunstrum

September 1967 – December 1967

Michael A. Palangio

January 1960 – August 1967

Frank Fasano

January 1958 – December 1959

Courtney V. Sunstrom

January 1956 – December 1957

Michael A. Palangio

January 1952 – December 1955

Robert R. Mitchell

January 1948 – December 1951

Donald Rochon

January 1946 – December 1947

Robert M. Smith

January 1944 – December 1945

Miss Emma E. Dempsey

July 1943 – December 1943

John M. Penney

August 1940 – July 1943

Aarne E. Wicks

April 1938 – July 1940

Robert R. Mitchell

January 1936 – March 1938

Robert M. Smith

January 1934 – July 1935

Robert R. Mitchell

January 1930 – December 1933

Fred C. Ivy

January 1927 – December 1929

J.H. Drinkwater

June 1923 – December 1926

J.W. Russell

January 1922 – June 1923

Fred C. Ivy

January 1921 – December 1921

Benjamin Rothschild

January 1920 – December 1920

Walter S. Carter

January 1918 – December 1919

A.T.H. Taylor

May 1917 – December 1917

Benjamin Rothschild

January 1915 – March 1917

A.T.H. Taylor

January 1914 – December 1914

Walter S. Carter

October 1911 – December 1913

T.J. McManus

August 1911 – September 1911



Council Chambers at Town Hall is a council working environment that is comprised of many different people and parts. Below is a display of councillor biographies that best describe those who are helping to make daily decisions for the town and its community.



Born, raised and educated in the City of Timmins.  I am bilingual and have a diploma from Northern College Applied Arts and Technology, South Porcupine Campus in Business Administration specializing in Marketing.  I moved to Cochrane in 1979 and it was the best move I ever made.

I have an extensive background with the public service, a 33 year career with the Ministry of Natural Resources in a variety of managerial capacities.  I’ve been retired for 5 years.

I have served as a councillor for the Town of Cochrane from 1993-99.  During that time, I was chair of the Finance Committee. For the past 10 months I was given the opportunity to return to council as a councillor.

Being active and involved in our community is important so I served where I could make a difference.  Some of the areas include Director and Chairman of Northern Ontario Wires Inc., Director of the Caisse Populaire de Cochrane, Director on the Cochrane Area Community Development, Public Library Board and President of the Lee Golf Club.

My wife Louise and I have been blessed with two children Paul and Michelle.  We are the proud grandparents of two granddaughters Noa and Louane.

Un bon dynamisme règne au sein de notre conseil, ce qui nous permet d’accomplir un excellent travail d’équipe et d’entretenir une collaboration extraordinaire.

I look forward to continue my work with the community to build relationships, to develop opportunities and to improve the quality of life for the people of the Town of Cochrane.



Daniel was born and raised and in Cochrane .
Attended primary school at St-Joseph catholic school.  Attended College de Hearst for 2 years and attended Cochrane High School .   I did my Post secondary education at Northern College in Kirkland Lake where I majored in business administration and accounting.  3 years.

After graduation I took a job with Canada Packers as a sales consultant.  In 1975 I returned to Cochrane to work in the family automotive dealership for 33 years.  Then I became an agent for Canadian Tire gas until 2016

I have 3 boys two living in Cochrane and one living in California.



Coming soon…



Shea Henderson is a relatively new import to Cochrane but, he has quickly made it his home.  Originally from the Bruce Peninsula in Southern Ontario, Shea graduated from high school in Lion’s Head, Ontario and earned his Bachelors degree at the University of Guelph in 2010.

Shea started moving North from this point on. He earned his Bachelor’s of Education from Nipissing University and quickly took on a full-time position teaching high school courses in the remote fly-in communities in Northwestern Ontario. Shea moved to Cochrane in the spring of 2014 and by the fall was employed with District School Board Ontario North East.  He is still currently employed with the Board as the Experiential Education Teacher.

Shea has been involved with a number of community groups and initiatives, since living in Cochrane.  These include coaching at Cochrane Public School, volunteering at various community events, becoming president of the Cochrane Farmers’ Market, and serving as a member of the Recreation Board. Cochrane also became the base for his small business, Soup! There it is, starting out as a market booth and expanding his catering business all over the North.  Last but not least, like most who live in the North, Shea loves being outdoors and enjoys all that the local environment has to offer.

Shea is extremely humbled by the opportunity to represent Cochrane for the next four years.  He is excited about building up the lines of communication in the community and pushing for positive and inclusive growth for all residents.



Coming soon…



I have been a resident of Cochrane for most of my life. My wife Jeannette and I have raised three children in this community and are now proud grandparents to two little grandsons. Cochrane is our home and I want to ensure it remains viable and resilient.

I was the Technical Services Supervisor for the Ministry of Transportation Cochrane/New Liskeard Areas. I have been a public servant for 30+ years and have recently retired. I am an avid outdoorsman. I have been a volunteer in this community in the past and appreciate what Cochrane has to offer!

I have represented the community on many issues in the past years, from 2006- 2010 and 2010- 2014 as a member of Council. I now have the opportunity to represent you again for another 4 years, and will endeavor to live up to your expectations.



Desmond is of Cree and Irish decent (The Greatest Mixture in the world! Just ask me!!) with my mother (Daisy) being born in Albany First Nation and my father (Ernie) being born and raised in Cochrane. I lived in Moosonee until the age of 4, at which time we moved to Cochrane to allow my older brother (Jack Solomon) to attend École Secondaire Cochrane High School. My family is heavily involved in all of Cochrane’s activities either, through participating, organizing or just being able to relax and enjoy them. My wife Lorrie and son Seamus are true Cochranites through and through.

I am a graduate of ESCHS and of Canadore College in the Human Resources program. My Human Resources background and conflict mediation skills have helped me during my time as Youth Worker with two local youth residences. This has assisted me in my approach to all situations with an understanding of reaching a collaborative and positive resolution or a win-win outcome.

I have worked with young people most of my working career and I’ve been coaching youth in my spare time since 1985. I am active in Cochrane, volunteering and sitting on many different boards such as Cochrane & Area Victim Services (aka Cochrane Smooth Rock Falls Victim Services aux Victimes), North Cochrane Addiction Services, Parent Teacher Council, and I’m currently the 1st Vice President of the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres and the President of Ininew Friendship Centre here in Cochrane. I have also worked for District School Board Ontario North East as the Aboriginal Youth Liaison Officer and Indigenous Student Advisor since 2010.

Committees &


The Town of Cochrane has multiple Boards and Committees that are lead by local volunteers. Persons interested or willing to sit on any of the following Committees and Boards should fill out the application form and submit it to the Clerk. Once a seat becomes vacant you will be notified.

Understand what each Board and Committee’s vision, mission and purpose is and who is pushing this vision forward. All boards and committees of the town must comply with the Municipal Act and as a result all meetings are made public. The Board and Committee Agendas and Minutes are now being uploaded to the new Civic Web File Pro System. File Pro makes it quick and easy to find and access information through searchable online files.

  • Accessibility Advisory | Committee

    The Committee

    • Councillor Rodney Hoogenhoud *
    • Mayor Denis Clement
    • Gisele Brunette, Ininew Friendship Centre
    • Michelle Larose, Medical Profession
    • Villa Minto, Joyce Rickard
    • Melissa Foy, Red Cross
    • Terry Lynn Williams, Cochrane Community Living
    • Daniel Gagnon, Disabled Client (Public)
    • Resource Person:  Chief Administrative Officer
    • Resource Person:  Richard Vallée, Director of Protective Services


    Download a copy of the most recent Accessibility Advisory Committee terms of reference document.

  • Cochrane Cemetery | Committee

    The Committee

    • Councillor Desmond O’Connor *
    • Clement Cousineau, Local Clergy
    • Ann Dyas, Local Clergy
    • Wayne Irvine, Citizen at large
    • Ann Amendola, Citizen at large
    • John Cormier, Citizen at large
    • Jamie Rheault, Irvine and Irvine Funeral Home
    • Julie Leonard, Genier Gauthier Funeral Home
    • Resource Person:  Shane Skinner, Director of Infrastructure Services


    Download a copy of the most recent Cochrane Cemetery Committee terms of reference document.

  • Cochrane Child Care Centre | Board

    The Board

    • Councillor Rodney Hoogenhoud
    • Teresa Tremblay
    • Christine Gubb
    • France Bouvier *
    • Lisa Gagnon
    • Joshua Farquhar
    • Resource Person:  Lora St-Pierre, Child Care Manager
    • Resource Person:  Jason Boyer, Director of Community Services


    Download a copy of the most recent Child Care Centre Board of Management terms of reference document.

  • Cochrane Police Services | Board

    The Board

    • Mayor Denis Clement
    • Councillor Desmond O’Connor
    • Public Member – Angela Girard
    • Provincial Appointee – Dianne Denault
    • Provincial Appointee – Vacant
    • Resource Person:  Richard Vallée, Director of Protective Services
    • Resource Person:  Mike Pilon, OPP Area Commander
    • Resource Person:  Roy Onlock, OPP Staff Sergeant


    Download a copy of the most recent Cochrane Police Services Board terms of reference document.

  • Cochrane Public Library | Board

    The Board

    • Councillor Shea Henderson
    • Chantal Chenier *
    • Elizabeth Hardin
    • Thomas Ulvstal
    • Katherine Bond-Johnson
    • Valerie Chapleu
    • Elaine Kolomeitz
    • Resource Person:  Christina Blazecka-Noel, CEO/Secretary-Treasurer
  • Cochrane & Suburban Planning | Board

    The Board

    • Councillor Shea Henderson
    • Councillor Robert Hutchison
    • Public Urban, Norm Ellerton *
    • Public Urban, Joshua Farquhar
    • Public Rural, Vacant
    • Public Rural, Fernand Gravel
    • Provincial Appointee, Vacant
    • Resource Person: Richard Vallee, Secretary-Treasurer


    Download a copy of the most recent Cochrane & Suburban Planning Board terms of reference document.

  • Cochrane Utilities | Board

    The Board

    • Mayor Denis Clement
    • Councillor Daniel Belisle
    • Councillor Todd Calaiezzi
    • Councillor Shea Henderson
    • Councillor Rodney Hoogenhound
    • Councillor Robert Hutchison
    • Councillor Desmond O’Connor
    • Resource Person:  John O’Farrell, General Manager
    • Resource Person:  Chief Administrative Officer


    Download a copy of the most recent Cochrane Utilities Board terms of reference document.

  • Committee of Adjustment | Committee

    The Committee

    • Councillor Shea Henderson
    • Councillor Robert Hutchinson
    • Norm Ellerton *
    • Fernand Gravel
    • Joshua Farquhar
    • Vacancy
    • Resource Person:  Richard Vallée, Secretary-Treasurer


    Download a copy of the most recent Committee of Adjustment terms of reference document.

  • Economic Development | Board

    The Board

    • Mayor Denis Clement
    • Councillor Rodney Hoogenhoud *
    • Vacant – Cochrane Board of Trade representative
    • Vacant – Businesses at large representative
    • Martine Beaulieu-Mayer – Public at large representative
    • Lawrence Martin – Aboriginal Economic Development
    • Vacant – Agriculture Sector
    • Martin Bizier, ONTC Representative
    • Vacant – Mining Representative
    • Vacant – Forestry Sector
    • Dennis Draves – Education or Training Sector
    • Renée Vezeau-Beaulieu – Tourism
    • Resource Person:  Chief Administrative Officer
    • Resource Person:  Kaitlyn Monsma, Economic Development Officer
    • Resource Person:  Isabelle Denault, MNDM Coordinator
    • Resource Person:  Linda Semczyszyn, North Claybelt Community Futures Corporation
    • Resource Person: Vacant, FedNor Coordinator
    • Resource Person: Linda Semczyszyn, North Claybelt Community Futures Corporation


    Download a copy of the most recent Cochrane Economic Development Steering Board terms of reference document.

  • Landfill & Site Liaison | Committee

    The Committee

    • Councillor Robert Hutchinson *
    • Councillor Todd Calaiezzi
    • Public – Brian Wessman
    • Public – Denis Michaud
    • Lamarche Twp – Denis Fortier
    • Fournier Twp – Bill Froud
    • Fournier Twp Alternate – Shirley Begin
    • Fournier Twp – Vacant
    • Fournier Local Roads Board – Vacant
    • Resource Person:  Shane Skinner, Director of Infrastructure Services
    • Resource Person:  Vacant, Cochrane Power Representative
    • Resource Person:  Larry Lefebvre, MOE


    Download a copy of the most recent Landfill & Site Liaison Committee terms of reference document.

  • Mayor's Advisory | Cabinet

    The Cabinet

    • Mayor Denis Clement
    • Bill Rogers
    • Bob Labelle
    • Denis Vallée
    • Greg Shanks
    • Huguette Perron
    • Raymond Bradette
    • Raymond Fortier
    • Raymond Genier
    • Richard Moore
    • Sue Parton


    Download a copy of the most recent Mayor’s Advisory Cabinet terms of reference document.

  • Northern Ontario Wires | Board

    The Board

    • Mayor Denis Clement
    • Councillor Robert Hutchinson
    • Vacant – Independent
    • Vacant – Independent
    • Donald Narbonne – Independent
    • David Plourdre, Kapuskasing Representative
    • Tory Delaurier, Iroquois Falls Representative
    • Dan Boucher, General Manager
    • Monika Malherbe, Director of Corporate Services *
    • Chief Administrative Officer
    • Jeff Sutton, Chief Financial Officer
    • Roxanne Desroches, Secretary


    Download a copy of the most recent Northern Ontario Wires Board terms of reference document.

  • Recreation, Events, and Culture | Board

    The Board

    • Councillor Shea Henderson *
    • Councillor Daniel Belisle
    • Kim Farmer
    • Lynn Mitchell
    • Sue Parton
    • Bill Pudim
    • Mike Sauve
    • Darryl Owens
    • Resource Person: Jason Boyer, Director of Community Services
    • Resource Person: Ryan Leonard, Cochrane Crunch


    Download a copy of the most recent Cochrane Recreation, Events, and Culture Board terms of reference document.

  • Volunteer Development & Recognition | Board

    The Board

    • Mayor Denis Clement
    • Dianne Denault, Filles d’Isabelle
    • Cheryl Cheff, Agricultural and Horticultural Society
    • Denis Vallée, Knights of Columbus
    • Michelle Klis, Minor Hockey Association
    • Donna Thomas, Citizen at large
    • Bill Pudim, Citizen at large
    • Resource Person: Alice Mercier, Clerk


    Download a copy of the most recent Volunteer Development & Recognition Board terms of reference document.

    Volunteer of the Month Award - Recipients

  • Municipal Naming Committee

    The Committee

    • Councillor Todd Calaiezzi
    • Councillor Shea Henderson
    • Public – Vacant
    • Public – Vacant
    • Public – Vacant


    Download a copy of the Municipal Naming Committee terms of reference document.

Whole & Regular


Regular Council meetings are scheduled every second Tuesday held inside the Council Chambers at the Town Hall, located at 171 Fourth Avenue, at 6:00 p.m.

The Regular Council meetings are televised on our community channel 327. You can also stream the meetings directly from the Council Cast page. Items desired to be placed on the Council Agendas must be delivered in writing to the Clerk by 1:00pm on the Thursday preceding the meetings of Council, or the items will be omitted into the next agenda.


The council agendas and minutes are now being uploaded to the new Civic Web File Pro System. File Pro makes it quick and easy to find and access information through searchable online files. Click on the links below to view agendas and minutes within our filePro manager.

Committee of the Whole Agendas
Committee of the Whole Minutes
Regular Council Agendas
Regular Council Minutes
Other Committee Agendas
Other Committee Minutes
171 Fourth Avenue
Cochrane, ON P0L 1C0
Telephone: (705) 272-4361 ext. 231
Fax: (705) 272-6068


If you prefer to stay on the website, simply click on the appropriate links below to view the council meeting schedule, agendas, minutes, and video streams. You can also download the procedural bylaw or from the Documents page.


Discover what is upcoming at Cochrane’s Town Hall Council Chambers. Let us guide you to an interactive calendar of scheduled meetings.

See the Schedule


Council meetings are scheduled as joint meetings every second Tuesday, starting at 6:00pm and are televised on our community channel 327 or from this website.

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The Clerk’s department is responsible for the coordination and management of the Municipal Elections. In accordance with the Municipal Elections Act, every four years the Municipal Clerk as Returning Officer, conducts elections for the offices of: Mayor, Councillors, and school board trustees.


The Municipal Election to elect a Mayor, Councillors and School Board Trustees was held on Monday, October 22nd, 2018.

You can view the results from the 2018 election by clicking on the links to the right.

Be sure to check the Municipal Elections page under the Clerk’s department for information regarding Municipal Elections

Municipal Freedom of Information


This act applies to local government organizations, including municipalities; police services boards, school boards, and conservation authorities, boards of health and transit commission. The Act requires that local government organizations pretext the privacy of an individual’s personal information existing in government records. It also gives individuals the right to request access to municipal government information, including most general records and records containing their own personal information. To view the entire act, simply click here.


The Act creates a privacy protection scheme which the government must follow to protect an individual’s right to privacy. The scheme includes rules regarding the collection, retention, use, disclosure and disposal of personal information in the government’s custody or control. If an individual feels his or her privacy has been compromised by a government organization governed by the Act, he or she may complain to the Information and Privacy Commissioner, who may investigate the complaint. Individuals who are given access to their personal information have the right to request correction of that information where they believe there is an error or omission. Where this request is refused, individuals may require that a statement of disagreement be attached to the information. Individuals may also require that all parties to whom the information has been disclosed in the preceding year be notified of the correction or statement of disagreement. An individual may appeal a government organization’s response to a correction request to the Information and Privacy Commissioner.


If you want access to government records, begin by contacting the government organization that has the information. If you do not obtain the information you want, make a written request under the Act. Please note: Section 52 of the Act outlines some specific types of records that are not subject to the Act. Additionally, the Act sets out mandatory and discretionary exemptions to access which are listed below.

Mandatory exemptions require a government organization to refuse to disclose certain kinds of records, including:

  • Information received in confidence from other governments;
  • Third party information if supplied in confidence and where disclosure could prejudice the interests of a third party;
  • Personal information about individuals other than the requester.

Discretionary exemptions allow a government organization to decide whether to disclose certain other kinds of records, including:

  • Draft bylaws, draft private bills and records of meetings that are authorized by statute to be held in the absence of the public; • advice or recommendations within the organization;
  • Law enforcement information;
  • Information which could prejudice the financial or other specified interests of the organization;
  • Information subject to solicitor-client privilege;
  • Information which could endanger the health or safety of an individual;
  • Information already available to the public or soon to be published.

Government organizations must:

  • Design and implement records systems which adequately protect personal privacy;
  • Assist in locating records requested;
  • Determine if the requested record might contain personal information or third party information that affects the interests of someone other than the requester and, if so, allow the affected person to make representations about the disclosure of this information before granting access;
  • Within 30 days of receipt of an access request, make records available, deny access or notify the requester of any delay because of a need to obtain representations from affected persons or because of extraordinary circumstances;
  • Give written reason for any denial of access;
  • Inform the person being denied access of his or her right to appeal to the Information and Privacy Commissioner within 30 days of receiving the government organization’s response.

Application fees & request forms:

You must fill out the request form and pay a $5 application fee to the government organization when you make your request. If you are requesting an appeal, you must pay an application fee to the Information and Privacy Commissioner when you make your appeal. The appeal fees are as follows:

  • $10 for requests related to access to or correction of your personal information;
  • $25 for requests related to access to general records.

The fee must accompany your appeal and may be paid by cheque or money order, payable to ‘The Minister of Finance’. Work on requests or appeals will not begin until the fee is received.


The Information and Privacy Commissioner is appointed by the Ontario Legislature. This independence from the government of the day allows the Commissioner to be impartial when carrying out duties under the Acts.

Application Forms

IPC Request Form
171 Fourth Avenue
Cochrane, ON P0L 1C0
Telephone: (705) 272-4361
Fax: (705) 6068