The Clerk is the official document and record keeper for the municipality and is responsible for maintaining all records according to a record retention schedule. As a result, the Clerk is the main point of contact for the following municipal records services:

  • Obtaining copies of bylaws pertaining to a specific matter
  • Birth registrations and death statements are received by the Clerk’s Office which is the Division Registrar for Cochrane. The Division Registrar is responsible for ensuring all forms are properly completed; the information is recorded and then forwarded to the Registrar General’s Office in Thunder Bay. Copies of birth and death certificates are issued only from the Registrar General’s Office. Applications for these can be obtained at Town Hall.
  • The Clerk’s department offers civil ceremonies to couples who are looking to have a simple, non-religious marriage ceremony.
  • The Office of the Clerk ensures all communications that come in by mail or email is directed to Council by way of departmental reports or on the next Council agenda. Items desired to be placed on the Council agendas must be delivered in writing to the Clerk by 1:00pm on the Thursday preceding the meetings of Council, or the items will be omitted into the next agenda.
  • The Clerk is the Returning Officer for the municipal elections which are held every four years. The next election is in 2022.
  • Marriage Ceremonies
  • Municipal Elections

Civil Marriage


The Clerk’s department offers civil ceremonies to couples who are looking to have a simple, non-religious marriage ceremony. In order to be married the couple will need to have reserved and met with their chosen marriage commissioner and hold a valid completed marriage licence. Download our complete civil marriage information and application guide for couples interested in this service.


In order to book their marriage commissioner, couples must pay the $300.00 fee to the municipality by cash, cheque or debit and complete the marriage ceremony booking agreement. Following reception of the form and payment, a meeting with the selected commissioner will be organized.


At least one meeting with the commissioner prior to the wedding is mandatory for couples requesting the service. The meeting will take place at Town Hall and couples will need to bring the following items to the meeting:

  • Valid marriage licence
  • Completed civil ceremony questionnaire
  • Receipt of payment for the civil ceremony
  • One piece of current, valid photo identification

Your first step is to go through the information package checklist and to fill out the necessary applications. Be sure to do that first and foremost.


Couples may be married in Council Chambers at the Town Hall or at an alternative location, such as a residence, a restaurant or a park. The Town offers other locations to host the ceremony at no additional charge:

  • Town Hall meeting room
  • Polar Bear Habitat
  • Bandstand

No decorations, confetti, bubbles, or incense permitted in or around the facility being used for the marriage ceremony.

171 Fourth Avenue
Cochrane, ON P0L 1C0
Telephone: (705) 272-4361 ext. 231
Fax: (705) 272-6068
Civil Marriage Package


The application form for a marriage licence or general information on the issuance of a marriage licence can be downloaded from the Service Ontario website. Hard copies can also be picked up at Town Hall.

The form must be filled out in full and signed by both prospective parties. Marriage licences will be issued by appointment only, from Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 4:30pm; once the completed application, all documents and payment has been received.

In order for the licence to be issued, the couple must bring the following documentation:

  • A valid marriage license
  • Preferred dates for marriage service
  • Preferred location for consultation and marriage service

If you have any additional questions, you are encouraged to contact Town Hall and the Clerk’s department by email or phone.


You can download a copy of the marriage licence application from here or at the Service Ontario website. Hard copies also available at Town Hall.



The Clerk’s department is responsible for the coordination and management of the municipal elections. In accordance with the Municipal Elections Act, every four years the Town Clerk as Returning Officer, conducts elections all community offices. The next municipal election is slated for Fall 2022.


The following buttons take you to results from the 2018 election. Download the files below to review the last election for the Town of Cochrane.

2018 Final Summary of Election Results
Candidates Financial Statements
Declaration of Acclamation


The following buttons take you to results from the 2014 election.
The following link takes you to the previous Municipal Election Results.

Municipal Election Results
Candidates Financial Statements
Declaration of Acclamation


In 2022, voters in Cochrane will be electing the following number of representatives:

Mayor 1 to be elected
Councillors 6 to be elected
English Public School Board 1 to be elected
English Separate School Board 1 to be elected
French Public School Board 1 to be elected
French Separate School Board 1 to be elected
  • Candidate Information

    Thinking of running for municipal or school board office? Here are a few things you might want to consider. This section will be updated as new information becomes available.

    Step 1: Are you eligible to run for and hold office? 

    Anyone may run for council or for a school board position if they are eligible to vote in the election and fulfill all of the following requirements:

    Mayor and Council

    • Is a resident of the municipality, a non-resident owner or tenant of land in the municipality or the spouse of such non-resident owner or tenant;
    • Is a Canadian citizen;
    • Is at least 18 years old;
    • Is not legally prohibited from voting, and;
    • Is not disqualified by any legislation from holding municipal office.

    School Board Trustees

    • Is a resident within the District School Board’s area of jurisdiction and qualified to vote for members of that District School Board;
    • Is a Canadian citizen;
    • Is at least 18 years old;
    • Is not legally prohibited from voting, and;
    • Is not disqualified by any legislation from holding municipal office.

    It is the responsibility of the Candidate to determine whether or not they are eligible to run for and hold municipal or school board office.

    Step 2: File Your Nomination Papers with the Clerk’s Office 

    Nominations open on Tuesday May 1, 2018 and end on Friday July 27, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. Those who are satisfied that they meet the prescribed requirements, as set out in the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, and wish to campaign for office must first file a Nomination Paper with the Clerk’s Office. The form can be filed anytime during the nomination period,  during normal office hours (Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) at Town Hall.

    **If you are running for municipal council and your municipality has more than 4000 electors, you must submit endorsement signatures from 25 people who are eligible to vote in the municipality. Candidates for school board trustee and candidates for municipal council in municipalities with 4000 or fewer electors do not have to submit endorsement signatures.

    The candidate will also be required to show current acceptable identification, and pay a nomination fee, which can be made by cash, debit, credit card, certified cheque or money order in the amount of:

    • $100.00 for Ward Councillors and School Board Trustees
    • $200.00 for Mayor

    The filing fee is refunded when a candidate submits their Financial Statement (and Auditor’s Report, if applicable) in March of 2019.

    A candidate cannot raise or spend any money on their campaign until the nomination paper has been filed.

    If an agent is filing a nomination on a candidate’s behalf, the agent must provide the above documents – with the nomination commissioned by a Notary or Commissioner of Oaths prior to their filing – and the agent must also present their own identification.

    Step 3: Campaigning and Expenses 

    All candidates are required to file a financial statement for their campaign after the election. Candidates should have a way of keeping track of money they spend and earn.

    After filing the nomination, candidates will need to open a campaign account in order to raise or spend money related to the election. Candidates may only receive contributions from individuals who are residents of Ontario. Candidates may not accept cash contributions of more than $25 from any one person and a contributor’s total contribution cannot exceed $1,200 for any one candidate.

    New for 2018: Candidates will be limited with the amount they can self-fund their campaigns and how much they are eligible to spend after the election. They are also prohibited from accepting donations from Corporations or Trade Unions.

    Resources:  Candidates Guide


    Nomination Paper (Form 1)

    Endorsement of Nomination (Form 2)

    Appointment of Voting Proxy (Form 3)

    Financial Statement – Auditor’s Report – Candidate (Form 4)

    Financial Statement – Subsequent Expenses (Form 5)

    Notice of Extension of Campaign Period (Form 6)

    Notice of Registration – Third Party (Form 7)

    Financial Statement – Auditor’s Report – Third Party (Form 8)

    Declaration of Identity (Form 9)

    All information on this page is meant to provide a high level overview of the requirements for candidates intending to run in the 2018 Town of Cochrane Municipal and School Board Elections. The Town of Cochrane is not able to provide advice to those individuals who are proposing to run for office and encourages all potential candidates to obtain a copy of the Municipal Elections Act, ​1996 for review, as well as consult with their own independent legal counsel for more information with respect to candidate eligibility, obligations and responsibilities.

  • Key Dates

    Nomination Period

    Tuesday May 1, 2018 – Friday July 27, 2018

    Candidates can file a nomination paper and submit the signatures of 25 voters supporting the nomination at the Municipal Clerk’s Office at anytime during normal business hours until Nomination Day (Friday July 27, 2018) at 2:00 p.m.

    Nomination Day

    Friday July 27, 2018 (9:00 a.m. – 2:00p.m.)

    Last day for candidates to file a nomination paper at the Municipal Clerk’s Office.  Nominations closed at 2:00 p.m. This is also the deadline for withdrawal.

    Registration Period for Third Party Advertisers

    Tuesday May 1, 2018 – Friday October 19, 2018

    Third party advertisers can file registration papers at the Municipal Clerk’s Office at anytime during normal business hours until Friday October 19, 2018 at 4:30 p.m.

    Campaign Period

    Tuesday May 1, 2018 – Monday December 31, 2018

    The Campaign Period starts when a candidate/third party files a nomination/registration paper and ends on Monday December 31, 2018.

    Campaign Finances

    Tuesday September 25, 2018

    Final Certificate of Maximum Campaign Expenses available for candidates.

    Voting Day

    Monday October 22, 2018

    Financial Statements

    Friday March 29, 2019

  • Information for Voters

    Who Can Vote?

    You can vote in the Town of Cochrane if you are:

    • a Canadian citizen; and
    • at least 18 years old; and
    • a resident in the Town of Cochrane; or
    • a non-resident of the Town of Cochrane, but you or your spouse own or rent property in the Town; and
    • are not prohibited from voting under any law


    Eligible voters in the Town of Cochrane elect candidates to represent them at Town Hall and on local School Boards.


    • One to be elected by all electors of the municipality

    Town Councillors

    • Six to be elected by all electors of the municipality

    School Board Trustees

    • One to be elected for District School Board Ontario North East (English Public)
    • One to be elected for Conseil Scolaire de District du Nord-Est de L’Ontario (French Public)
    • One to be elected for Northeastern Catholic District School Board (English Separate)
    • One to be elected for Conseil Scolaire Catholique de District des Grandes Rivieres (French Separate)

    Each elector is entitled to vote for the trustee(s) in one school board. In order to be eligible to vote for the trustees of a board, an elector must be a supporter of that board. “Supporter” refers to which school board the school portion of your property taxes goes to. The default is the public school system.

    School Support

    MPAC maintains school support information for every property in Ontario as required by section 14(1.1) of the Assessment Act. School support information is included on every Property Assessment Notice.

    It is not necessary for a property owner or tenant to have children in order to support a particular school board or to vote for its trustees.  However, section 16(4) of the Assessment Act requires that the school support designation default to English-Public unless the owner or tenant advises MPAC otherwise.

    Changing Support

    As required by section 16(3) of the Assessment Act, changes to school support designation must be made in writing. The property owner or tenant must complete an Application for Direction of School Support form which can be obtained from the local school board office.

    Once the Application for Direction of School Support has been completed and signed, it can be returned to MPAC:

    P.O. Box 9808
    Toronto ON  M1S 5T9

    MPAC staff will process the school support designation change upon receipt.

    For questions relating to school support, contact MPAC directly at 1-866-296-MPAC (6722).

    Resources:  Voters Guide

  • Advance Polls


    Wednesday, October 10th, 2018
    Tim Horton Events Centre (Community Hall)
    4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

    Saturday, October 13th, 2018
    Tim Horton Events Centre (Community Hall)
    10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


    Monday, October 22nd, 2018
    Tim Horton Events Centre (Community Hall)
    10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


    The list of electors has been prepared as required under the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, and is posted at the Office of the Clerk, Cochrane Municipal Office, 171 Fourth Avenue.  Electors should examine the list to ensure that their names and relevant information are correctly shown.

    You may have your name added to the voters’ list at the voting place or at the office of the Clerk.  Photo identification from the elector will be required.

    Also note that voting proxy forms are now available at the Town Hall.


    Alice Mercier
    Returning Officer

  • Third Party Advertisers

    A Third Party Advertiser can be an individual, corporation or trade union that is not a candidate, but participates in the election by running a campaign the same way a candidate would.  A Third Party Advertiser can run a campaign that promotes or opposes a particular candidate.

    Third party advertisers will need to register with Municipal Clerk’s office and complete registration papers (available in May 2018).  If they want to advertise in more than one municipality, they have to register in each municipality.

    Registration allows for third party advertiser to promote or oppose any candidate that the electors in the Town of Cochrane can vote for (local council or school board trustee positions).

    Posters, signs, publications, etc…promoting or opposing candidates are “third party advertisements”.

    Third party advertising must be done independently of candidates, who are not able to direct a third party advertiser.  Candidates are not able to register as third party advertisers.

    Registration for third party advertisers will open on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 and close on Friday, October 19, 2018 at 4:30 p.m.

    Resource:  Third Party Advertisers Guide


    Notice of Registration – Third Party (Form 7)

    Financial Statement – Auditor’s Report – Third Party (Form 8)

    Financial Statement – Subsequent Expenses (Form 5)

    Notice of Extension of Campaign Period (Form 6)

  • Forms and Resources

  • Election Access

  • Contact Election Staff

    Telephone: 705-272-4361

    Alice Mercier, Clerk
    Telephone: 705-272-4361 ext. 231     Email:

    Jean Pierre Ouellette, Deputy-Clerk
    Telephone:  705-272-4361 ext. 230   Email:

    Open on regular business hours

    Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


    Town of Cochrane – Clerk’s Office
    171 Fourth Avenue
    Cochrane, ON  P0L 1C0

  • Compliance Audit Committee

    The Municipal Elections Act, 1996 requires municipalities to establish a Compliance Audit Committee to deal with complaints regarding election campaign financing.  An elector who is entitled to vote in an election and believes on reasonable grounds that a candidate has contravened a provision of the Act relating to election campaign finances may apply for a compliance audit of the candidate’s election campaign finances.

    Municipalities must appoint a Committee by October 1 of an election year and the appointment is for the term of the new Council.

  • Seeking Election Workers

    Persons interested in working in the 2018 Municipal Elections for the Corporation of the Town of Cochrane are invited to pick up an Application Form at the municipal office, at 171 Fourth Avenue, Cochrane, Ontario or print the form and submit to the undersigned.

    Alice Mercier, Clerk
    The Corporation of the Town of Cochrane
    171 Fourth Avenue
    Cochrane, ON
    P0L 1C0
    Tel:  (705) 272-4361 ext. 231

  • So You Want to Run for Council

    The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) is pleased to announce that their “So You Want to Run for Council” course have been updated and now live at This course is geared to individuals who are planning to run for a seat on municipal council.

    About the Course:

    Current and retired members of council designed “So You Wish to Run for Council?” and it presents the challenges and opportunities candidates will face through the campaign and as sitting members of council.

    The course content is valuable for anyone running for council, as it not only examines the rules that govern him or her but also brings to light some of the cultural and soft knowledge pieces that influence the lives of members of council.

    Course content covers:

    • Reasons That You Should and Should Not Run for Council;
    • What You Should Know Before You Run for Office;
    • Dealing with the Media;
    • Techniques for Working with Others;
    • The Roles of Council Members and Staff;
    • What the True Power and Influence of Municipal Government is;
    • Transparency and Accountability in Government;
    • and much more…

    For more details on the course and AMO click the link for a copy of their flyer.